Strategic Planning

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Key Features Include

Executive Level Recommendations

Our proprietary methodology identifies key action items that will help you improve your financial performance

Quantitative Revenue Analysis

Identify key drivers of growth & trouble shoot areas that are lagging behind

Hack Into Growth

Improve your key business drivers & identify new opportunities to grow your business

Benchmark Your Expenses

Robust analytics scrutinize your general ledger, identifying opportunities to cut costs & boost profitability

Cutting Edge Financial Forecasts

Financial forecasts help you achieve your goals & uncover challenges before they happen

Road Map to Success

Step-by-step milestones detail your action plan & measure your progress along the way

What our clients have to say:

“Bridgesphere’s analysis and insights were critical in my Firm’s ability to grow and improve our finances.”        – Bridgesphere Client

Our Powerful Process


Our process starts with a kickoff meeting to learn more about you, your business & your goals


Using our proprietary models & methodology, we perform a comprehensive analysis of your business, operations & finances


We deliver a comprehensive strategic plan outlining step-by-step how to take your business to the next level

Strategic Planning
Strategy + Finance = Success: Great management teams not only set goals, but design road maps to achieve those goals. Bridgesphere’s strategic planning defines your road map to success. We use sophisticated financial modeling and analytics to identify the business processes that maximize financial performance. We use these diagnostics to develop business strategies that capitalize on your most critical business processes, propelling your businesses to peak performance and keeping it ahead of the competition.

Our Client: A Bay Area law firm with revenues of approximately $1Million, had successfully built a boutique practice over the course of several years. Recently, the Firm hit a roadblock. Management knew that an investment in people and processes would somehow unlock additional growth, but it was unclear what to do — or how to do it. Having recently been turned down for bank financing, management turned to Bridgesphere for advice.

Our Mandate: Develop a strategic plan that would double revenues and significantly increase partner compensation, all without the use of debt or outside investment.

Bridgesphere Delivered: Our strategic plan outlined a road map that detailed the business strategies and milestones that would propel our client’s business to the next level. We were at our client’s side the entire way, from planning to execution. Over the course of three years, our client tripled its revenues, more-than-doubled its earnings, and significantly increased its footprint and exposure in the Bay Area legal market.

For a limited time, we are offering our strategic planning services on a fixed-fee basis for qualified new clients. Fees are based on the size of your business. Call (888) 995-0818 today or complete our simple form to request your free consultation.

  • Below $1 Million in Revenue: $5,000
  • $1 Million – $3 Million in Revenue: $7,500
  • Above $3 Million in Revenue: $10,000

Join our family of satisfied clients who have improved their bottom line, increased growth & taken their business to the next level. Call (888) 995-0818 to learn more or complete our simple form to schedule a free consultation.

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