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Strategic Planning

Strategy + Finance = Success: Great management teams not only set goals, but design road maps to achieve those goals. Bridgesphere’s strategic planning defines your road map to success.

We use sophisticated financial modeling and diagnostics to identify the business processes that maximize financial performance. We use these diagnostics to develop business strategies that capitalize on your most critical business processes, propelling your businesses to peak performance and keeping it ahead of the competition.


Great Businesses Always Have A Next Chapter: When a once-profitable business has fallen upon hard times, the best approach starts with an independent, fresh perspective.

Bridgesphere’s turnaround solutions start with a robust strategic-financial analysis. We identify the critical business processes that create value and use our financial diagnostics and strategic acumen to develop strategies that restore liquidity and profitability.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Meets Financial Strategy: Bridgesphere’s financial expertise will boost the ROI of your marketing investments. Bridgesphere’s analytical framework has helped clients align marketing expenditures along the endeavors that maximize revenue growth. Our approach not only boosts the return on our clients’ marketing investments but also improves the profitability of their entire firm.

M&A Advisory

Driving Acquisitions that Create Value: Bridgesphere’s M&A advisory quantifies detailed valuations of target companies and develops strategies to facilitate and finance proposed transactions.

We further support our clients by developing financial models, strategic plans, and integration strategies that will improve the combined business long-after their transaction is complete.

Management Consulting

Bridgesphere helps clients solve complex business problems by providing bespoke consulting and analytics solutions in the consumer, technology, industrial, financial, and services sectors.

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Case Studies

To better understand how we help clients solve their most complex business challenges, we offer the following case studies. Since every client is unique, no two mandates are ever the same.

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Strategic Planning

Our Client: A Bay Area law firm with revenues of approximately $1Million, had successfully built a boutique practice over the course of several years. Recently, the Firm hit a roadblock. Management knew that an investment in people and processes would somehow unlock additional growth, but it was unclear what to do -- or how to do it.

Having recently been turned down for bank financing, management turned to Bridgesphere for advice.

Our Mandate: Develop a strategic plan that would double revenues and significantly increase partner compensation, all without the use of debt or outside investment.

Bridgesphere Delivered: Our strategic plan outlined a road map that detailed the business strategies and milestones that would propel our client’s business to the next level. We were at our client’s side the entire way, from planning to execution. Over the course of three years, our client tripled its revenues, more-than-doubled its earnings, and significantly increased its footprint and exposure in the Bay Area legal market.


Our Client: After many years of rapid revenue growth, a Bay Area services company fell upon hard times. Revenues sank by over 50%, profits disappeared, and the firm was in danger of falling short of its payroll obligations. Management struggled to identify potential solutions in the midst of juggling mounting payables, a looming payroll deadline, and rapidly declining revenues.

Our Mandate: Provide an independent, fresh perspective of our client’s business. Stem the trend of rapidly declining revenues. Restore the firm to profitability. Identify opportunities for future growth.

Bridgesphere Delivered: Our turnaround plan started with robust diagnostics of the strategic and financial condition of the business. We identified what was working, and more importantly, what needed to change. Bridgesphere’s turnaround plan outlined a series of detailed budget cuts, and immediate cash conservation measures that enabled our client to “stop the bleeding” and restore liquidity.

From there, Bridgesphere’s turnaround plan identified strategies that would more than double revenue and improve profitability to levels even higher than those achieved prior to our client’s downturn. Critical to achieving a successful turnaround, Bridgesphere developed a robust set of business analytics that enabled our client to measure its success in achieving planned budget cuts, client acquisition goals, revenue targets, and the key liquidity and profitability metrics. Our analytics not only played a critical role in management’s ability to turnaround its business but enabled our client to continue to thrive long-after a successful turnaround had been achieved.

Marketing Strategy

Our Client: A mid-sized Bay Area legal services firm had a portfolio of marketing strategies that encompassed advertising on Google, Yelp!, and a host of other 3rd party websites. Our client also devoted significant resources to blogging, hosting webinars, and traditional in-person business development initiatives conducted by its attorneys.

As a result of spending on a wide variety of different mediums, it was becoming difficult to determine which strategies were working, and what needed to be improved upon. To make matters worse, marketing-related expenses were growing at a rate much-faster than revenues. Something in or client’s marketing machine was broken.

Our Mandate: Identify which marketing strategies were the most profitable. Delineate a comprehensive marketing strategy that would reign-in marketing investment, but continue to boost revenues and improve profitability.

Bridgesphere Delivered: After quantifying our client’s return on investment for each marketing endeavor, Bridgesphere developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that re-aligned marketing investment toward the strategies that were creating the most value. By developing an attractive incentive plan that aligned the financial goals of the firm with the compensation plan of its attorneys, Bridgesphere boosted the revenue growth generated by the firm’s internal efforts.

The proof of our success was reflected in our client's financial results. Bridgesphere’s recommendations enabled our client to accelerate revenue growth, while reducing overall marketing expenditures.

M&A Advisory

Our Client: Management was contemplating the purchase of an existing B2B business with revenues of approximately $2.5m.

Our Mandate: Quantify an appropriate purchase price, outline a strategy to successfully finance the transaction, and develop a strategic plan to enable the business to thrive post-transaction.

Bridgesphere Delivered: Our valuation was based on a sophisticated strategic-financial analysis of the target company, identifying what parts of the business were creating value, and isolating business functions that were causing problems. Such analysis enabled our client to negotiate a reasonable purchase price, using strategic and financial weaknesses identified by Bridgesphere as the basis and rationale for a lower (more favorable) valuation.

Bridgesphere’s acquisition strategies outlined methods to finance our client’s proposed transaction. Our strategic planning and financial projections helped our client successfully obtain the bank financing needed to acquire the target company. Additional strategic planning helped our client identify ways to expand the business post-transaction, further solidifying the probability that the proposed acquisition would create value.

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