Business Performance Planning


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Our Powerful Process


Cutting edge analytics scour your data, identifying opportunities to improve profit & growth


Expert analysis synthesizes your data into meaningful insights that boost financial performance


Monthly sessions uncover emerging issues & help you put our insights into action

What our clients have to say:

“Bridgesphere’s analysis and insights were critical in my Firm’s ability to grow and improve our finances.”        – Bridgesphere Client

Key Features Include


Strategic Action Plan

Reveals critical opportunities to improve your financial performance

Cutting Edge Analytics

Scours your accounting data, identifying ways to boost your bottom line

Customized Reporting

Synthesizes your data into powerful reports that enhance business intelligence

Expert Guidance

Monthly sessions helping you take action & make the most of our insights

"Without Bridgesphere . . .

. . . I couldn’t run my firm. They are an indispensable part of our finance and operations.”


     – Bridgesphere Client

How will Performance Planning Help My Business?

Business Performance Planning is a powerful blend of cutting edge analytics & consulting. We meet with business owners monthly to discuss emerging issues in their business & key actions they can take to boost profit and accelerate growth.

Our process is powered by Bridgesphere’s analytical models, which identify your company’s key drivers of profit & growth. This enables us to hone our guidance to the precise people, processes & systems that create the most value.

We provide small business owners access to a game plan used by multi-national corporations to boost business performance.

The price?

$599 per month, no long term commitment.

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