Have Yourself a “Money Monday”

by | Mar 20, 2016 | Business Strategy

It’s Money Monday.

What are the three things you can do – today – that will improve revenue or boost profit? You got that right. It’s a one-day proposition. That’s what Money Monday is all about.

Three things. Map them out. Then . . . get started.

Here are a few ideas to inspire your Money Monday:


Followup on three leads from last week

People are sitting at their desks first thing on Mondays, figuring out what they are going to do for the rest of their week. They are aligning their calendars, making plans, drinking coffee, and maybe doing a bit of procrastinating.

Work yourself into their plans.

That is what Money Monday is all about. Ping them first thing. Get a call on the calendar. Remind them how you can bring value to their business. Get in their schedule. Get in their head. You’re valuable — and they deserve it.

It’s Money Monday . . .

Work-up one new marketing strategy for the week

Sticking to the same marketing plan that you’ve been riding since 2014? Change something up. Start tweeting. Call three referral partners and schedule coffee meetings. Get the ball rolling with something new.


Blog. Write about something you are passionate about. Don’t have a website? Write an article and post it on your blog — on LinkedIn. It can be your own personal website. Your brand. Where people can meet you and learn about your ideas.

Post. Share. Collaborate. Get noticed.

It’s Money Monday . .

Experiment with a new twist on a product or service

Are you taking your own process for granted? Are you assuming that everyone is satisfied with the “same old song & dance”?

I’m not asking you to change the world. I’m not even suggesting that you change your business.

I’m just asking you to shake something up. One thing. Once. That’s it.


Do it, then gauge the reaction. Was the customer satisfied? Were your employees satisfied? Were you satisfied? Did it work?

Change is good. Experimenting is important. After all, a successful shake-up can be a springboard for innovation.

Just change one thing.

It’s Money Monday . . .

Whip out your year-to-date financials and see where you stand

For some folks this one will go over like a “turd in the punch bowl”. But it’s an important thing for you — and even more important for your business.

When was the last time that you reviewed your P&L? When was the last time that you compared your performance to budget? When was the last time you took a look at your most critical KPI’s?

There’s a lot of money to be made if you do.

I’m not here to guilt you. Instead, I’ll do the entire thing for you. Without the headaches, hassle, or guilt. Have the key financial developments served to you — once a month — on a silver platter.

We call it Business Performance Planning. One solution. A proven approach.

Excel. Profit. Thrive.

Happy Monday.

Happy . . . Money Monday!

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